Thyre Burns

Draft Mission Report 1
[Encoded document]

Commander Danneskjold,

I realise you will hate me for adding to the paperwork on your desk, but you did ask for regular updates on my missions. Myself and a small crew were gathered at the Cub by Mrs Dressenson, by the usual methods. Maelon you will know, but the other two were an odd pair – the Fyrajji Savage, Willow who lives on the outskirts of Ghosts and the Lady-Trader of House Nok. The first I had earmarked myself as a competent warrior and guide if I ever went on a mission beyond the walls, though she seems uncomfortable in company. The latter is a wild card – little is known about her history among my sources, I am given to believe she was favoured beyond normal noble fondness by her brother (a potential weakness we can exploit in him?) and I believe she must have been bankrolled by him in her early trader expeditions. At some point she has acquired a raven familiar – a feat that evidently means she is not one to take too lightly.

The mission Tandy set was a fairly risky one – to spring Fleur Devereaux, one of our financial backers I gather, from the house arrest her parents placed her under. As you requested, I continue to keep up the pretence of spy-for-hire and secured my usual price with Tandy. Lady Nok also bargained for financial gain, though whether through a mercenary attitude or, simply a Traders’ natural instincts I’m unsure. We left, after briefly passing your own desk – though given the reports on it I doubt you paid us much mind – heading down the tunnels and under the Vrandenmark. I had taken the guise of Lady Nok’s porter and manservant and was warming to the role when a group of bandits attacked, giving us momentary pause. This diversion dealt with, and sustaining no injuries of note, we continued into Arrendenthe, securing rooms for the party – with the exception of the savage who opted to camp wild. Whilst my fellows ate breakfast I interrogated a servant of House Devereaux, who revealed the state of the noble house to be one of a family desperately running damage control before they are socially destroyed. Running on a fairly tight deadline, we opted for the simple approach – the Lady Nok, myself and Maelon would cause an appropriate scene, whilst Willow would run the extraction.

The plan on our end began well, Gnocchi Nok displaying a natural skill in imperious commands and sending the servants scurrying. Unfortunately she took it too far when the Lord himself arrived to see the cause of this fuss and threw increasingly worse lies at him when he saw through the first ruse. In general, I feel her brother may have been far too soft on her, as she shows little concern for the dangers of ranking nobles. Regardless, the situation became perilous when Maelon, attempting some magery to extricate us, surged, fortunately damaging only the Lord, but causing him to go on the offensive and summon his guards.

Willow’s side of the plan was going much smoothly – she had successfully entered the grounds and snuck into the house, a brief scuffle with a guard nonwithstanding. She reached Fleur’s rooms and found the target in the midst of a rant. They communicated briefly and prepared to leave.

Meanwhile, the lady of the house has yet to make an appearance…

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