Kiara Singer (?)


Kiara Singer (possibly not her real name) is a spy on the side of the nobles. Skilled, beautiful and well versed in deception and disguise, she often takes the role of a courtesan or low ranking noble in order to infiltrate organisations, although she’s equally comfortable in beggars’ rags or a traders’ attire should her employers wish to manipulate or remove a group of commoners. Unless necessary, she prefers not to spend huge amounts of time in any one role merely to gather information, preferring to manoeuvre herself into a position where her skills at seduction or court sword mastery can complete the job with the explosive flourish that sets her heart racing.


Though she has much practise playing any type of human, Kiara prefers to work under the guise of a princess of wolves, weaving the mystery of her origins to build elaborate romantic backstories for her parts. Those who’ve known her intimately – and have an eye for that sort of thing, know that in fact the fine barbed scars on her hips can only come from a native of the Witchfire Isle. It is not known when she escaped, or how she came to become a Thyrian spy, but over the course of the last few years she has spied for the Axemen, all three noble houses and several trading guilds. At some point whilst she was working for the Axemen she met her true love Rikash Va’Enti – who was attempting to infiltrate the Axemen on behalf of the nobles. Their ensuing game of shadows only brought them closer together on behalf of their shared competitiveness and love of the thrill of spying. Upon realising this was a true love, they both realised they were in grave danger – be caught as a spy and you can betray your employer or cheat your way out, they’d done this before – but be caught having a true love and you were in for fates worse than death. Rikash joined the Axemen under his guise of ‘Smiler’ and began attempting to find the rumoured ‘Romantics’ who had formed after the King’s death. Kiara, once more took up work for the nobles, knowing she was walking a dangerous line, but convinced that she could build the contacts and networks she needed to protect them both on this side of the divide. Since then they have come into conflict with one another several times and while they would never permanently hurt the other, natural competitiveness has led to several thwarted plans and exploded safehouses. Neither complains too much though, as being ‘thwarted’ can be pretty fun at the end of it…

Kiara Singer (?)

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